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In one blazing moment, rugged rodeo man Jared Whitewolf had tempted straitlaced Faith Kolanko to do something reckless. With a nod of her head, she could have it all -- a home, a baby and a long-legged hear And Emily Stockton knew better. Her sister's ex-husband was way off-limits Her brother, the town doctor, was responsible for his beloved wife's death in childbirth--now he has a newborn son who needs a mothe Long, lean, darkly compelling--Josh Brand was every woman's fantasy.

And everyone in Texas cattle country was gonna wonder why in blue blazes he'd marry his gawky cowpok She had to find a safe place for her baby to be born, fast--and what better place than in rugged rancher Colin Whitefeather's welcoming arms? Being stranded with a beautiful woman should have had Micah Drake thinking all the things they could do to pass the long nights together.

Only, this woman couldn't remember if she was single and available But girlish fantasies turn to harsh reality when her father's deathbed plea to save the family ranch makes her Luke's bride in name only. Trapped i Juliana Aldrich wouldn't think of it! But that's exactly what her benefactor's will was asking her to do. Worse, her would-be groom, Caleb Duncan, actually wanted to go through with it! Think of the money, he insisted. All Julian Hell, he had a cold-blooded killer to catch!!

But the innocent single mom was the assassin's avowed ne Yet he could not control his oldest daughter. Vanessa was en route to a Denver convent when she escaped the wagon train to bathe in the river. First, a small ch Her past was a mystery. She didn't know I name, or why she'd been driving through the mountains in a blizzard, or how the accident had happened.

Falling for Fortune Mills & Boon e Book Collections The Fortunes of Texas Cowboy Country, Book 16

All she recalled was that she'd been looking for Ben Falcon. But he'd found her Rachel Kearney: When her father returned from the War Between the States, it wasn't the joyful reunion she'd expected. For he was on the run from the law No-nonsense businesswoman Grace Goltry seeks shelter in a Texas ghost town But Grace knows Logan is fated to die in MEMPHIS: where the power of the North met the gallantry of the South in a searing, shifting struggle for the future of a nation and the survival of a way of life.

The marriage of a sassy, gun-toting tomboy to the handsome, reluctant son of a neighboring rancher gets off to a riotously rocky start -- until the gifts they exchange at Christmas help to bring about a passionate reconciliation Those words marked the end of the peaceful, solitary, ordered existence of Ranger Jason Hollenbeck. As the floodwaters rose in New Mexico's national park, into his life tumbled Jennifer Ruark and her ragtag crew--three hooli After Marietta Clelland foils a bank robbery and inherits a fortune from a beloved friend, she must contend with Jordan Bank, the stingy trustee who casts his handsome eyes on the willowy beauty.

When her grandfather deeded her the family's sleepy cafe, she was det And when that rival is his only son, he becomes a man possessed with the need to win DENVER, the mile-high city where ambition soared to the sky and spread to the horizon, fed by a flood of gold and silver, and fueled by the power and passion of men and women who dared anything to gain everything.

And when he lost, someone else always had to pay. He kissed her with aching tenderness, sending tantalizing sparks of excitement through her. She shivered in anticipation When Comanches threatened golden-haired Caroline Brandon, a spirited young orphan fleeing the wreckage of the Civil War, a Even a near-collision with a stick of dynamite couldn't stop Hilary Wakefield from confronting Brink Claiborn face to face! The brash, impossible man had avoided her calls and ignored her letters--now he'd have to tell her why he refused to sell her After a brief but unforgettable encounter with Ken Holloway Millie Blake never expected to see him again-certainly not taking refuge inside her hall closet!

Mistakenly suspected of a crime, Ken swore that it wasn't true, and Millie couldn't help Jasmine Kirby was thrilled to be rescued, even if her savior was a scruffy sailor with a hunk's body and a glint in his eye that warned her to watch out for her virtue! Being alone on the open sea with this gorgeous man in a boat calle After his borrowed yacht crashed in a storm and tossed him headlong into Lake Superior, Mike Smith fought the slender figure who tried to pull him to safety aboard a houseboat. Savannah Carson had no way of knowing why Mike was wary of rescue, but sh Love sparked desire within her as fierce as the stormy seas.

His mouth came down on hers She knew who he was, Captain Joshua Raven, reneg As star witnesses to a crime, both knew they must leave Detroit immedi Lucy Reardon and Finn Mundy were strangers-but not to calamity! From the instant Finn spotted Lucy's black net stockinged legs perched on a ladder outside his bedroom window, he was an accident waiting to happen-and she was the fuse on the dynami Grady O'Toole.

It was bad enough that he'd set up his tacky tamale stand right next to her uncle's elegant restaurant, but then he had the nerve to stand there bare-chested selling his wares! Why, it Talihina Montgomery, baker, mother, and head of a large and eccentric household of nine, found the situation laughable: But Bennett Reid wa And who was this infuriating Ms.

Bedford who'd informed on him? Hank's fury abated when he met his pretty neighbor When Sandy Smith's ginkgo trees wilted for the third time, nursery owner Gabe London just had to investigate. And when he met the lovely manager of the Casa Grande Retirement Center, he guessed who the culprit was: his younger brother Pete, who would They'd lost touch after college, but now he was coming b Crystal, even if you think you want to!

But Crystal had spent too many years caring Courtney Meade only meant to dissuade Jared Calhoun from shooting Ebeneezer, her son's pet hawk, when she dove over the fence and tackled him.

The Texan's Secret Past

But the gun he held went off All the way to the hospital J Her students looked like little angels, and Maggie Linden was thrilled to be tutoring the four nephews of renowned journalist Nick Brannon. Her enthusiasm was just slightly dimmed when she learned her new charges had already sent fourteen teachers p His voice murmured huskily through the night, reaching out to embrace her senses across the airwaves -- and Charity Jane Webster was smitten!

Deejay Rory Runyon was a perfect fantasy love, calling her "darlin'" and sharing love songs with her hour af Debtor's prison or a loveless marriage? Melissa Hampstead had to make a suitable match within a month or go to prison as a common thief. And in order to meet eligible men she would live at Walraven Castle. So decreed the handsome, cynical, inflex A gorilla for a client? Straitlaced patent attorney Laurel Fortier couldn't believe it when toy inventor Thane Prescott appeared for their appointment covered with black fur and wearing a devilish grin under his shaggy mask.

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In no time at all Thane Marilee O'Neil had never turned from a challenge, even when it meant piloting a friend's hot air balloon in a race. But when she was forced to make an unscheduled landing on a wheat farm, she set it down smack in the middle of a swimming pool -- and Kidnapped by a gentleman highwayman known as the Thief, Lady Thrift Lindly is taken to Paris where she agrees to help him spy on Napoleon for the British When her father refuses to pay ransom, a woman kidnapped by a gentleman highwayman is forced She meant to fire a warning shot, but instead Lily Dunbar's aim faltered and she grazed the hunter himself.

She had ventured too far into the wilderness of Reece Wakefield's vast Chilean ranch, now an oncoming storm thrust her into his arms and he re How fragile is the line between love and hate Lady Fairfax had lovingly raised her two orphaned grandchildren, beautiful sisters, but as unalike as a lion and a lamb. Where dark-haired Allele was pale and gentle, Clairice was a quick-tempered She was set on staying--for purely professional reasons. Unforeseen events shook her resolve. Marooned with him in the exotic and She was brave as she was proud When her only hope of returning home lay in traveling a thousand miles on horseback, Camilla, unlike the fragile females of her society, was equal to the task.

When food rations became meager, she ignored her hung Barely out of the schoolroom, young Emily Blake was sold by her father, a lifetime loser, to the Duke of Covington, the most immoral and unscrupulous scoundrel in all of England. But she was determined to marry for love and took flight through Europe We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles.

Married for His Heir. Expecting a Lone Star Heir. The Rancher's Cinderella Bride. Reunited with the Rancher. The Rancher's Nanny Bargain. Expecting the Rancher's Child. That Night with the Rich Rancher. The Rancher's Secret Son. Kissed by a Rancher. At the Rancher's Request. Pregnant by the Texan. A Texan in Her Bed.

The Texan's Forbidden Fiancee. Her Texan to Tame. One Texas Night Lone Star Legacy - 4 Silhouette Desire - Deep in a Texan's Heart. The Texan's Contract Marriage.

Midnight Under the Mistletoe. The Reluctant Heiress. Relentless Pursuit. Wild Western Nights. A Lone Star Love Affair. Texas-sized Temptation. Texas Tycoon's Christmas Fiancee. Marrying the Lone Star Maverick. Tempting the Texas Tycoon. Wyoming Wedding. Montana Mistress. Dakota Daddy. Wed To The Texan. Seduced By The Enemy. Pregnant At The Wedding. Seduced By The Wealthy Playboy. Scandals From The Third Bride. Revenge Of The Second Son. Pregnant With The First Heir.

Highly Compromised Position. Estate Affair. Don't Close Your Eyes. Standing Outside the Fire. Bring On the Night. Shut Up and Kiss Me. Entangled With a Texan.

The Texan's Secret Past

One Tough Cowboy. Do You Take This Enemy? Cowboy's Special Woman. The Playboy Meets His Match. Cowboy's Secret Child. World's Most Eligible Texan. Galahad in Blue Jeans. Comanche Passion. Comanche - 3 Zebra Splendor. The Cowboy's Seductive Proposal. The Consummate Cowboy. Comanche Eagle. Comanche - 2 Zebra Splendor. Her Torrid Temporary Marriage. Babes in Arms. A Baby for Mommy. Comanche Temptation. Comanche - 1. The Bride's Choice. Hide in Plain Sight. Warrior Moon. Falcon's Lair. Related Books - 3. Texas Passion. Bargaining for King's Baby. The Kouros Marriage Revenge. One Night, Two Babies.

The Forced Bride. Sara Craven. Sarah Morgan. Trish Morey. Iron Cowboy. Diana Palmer. The Affair. Maya Banks. Texas Millionaire. Dixie Browning. Courting the Cowboy Boss. Janice Maynard. Metsy Hingle. The Black Sheep of Blackrock. Jennifer Lewis. The Texan's Baby Proposal. Cindy Gerard. Millionaire M.

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Jennifer Greene. Yvonne Lindsay. More Than a Convenient Bride. Sarah M. The Doctor's Baby Dare. Lone Star Secrets. Cat Schield. A Royal Temptation. Charlene Sands. Kat Cantrell. Jules Bennett. The Princess and the Player. Seduced by the Spare Heir. Andrea Laurence. A Most Shocking Revelation. Less-than-Innocent Invitation. Shirley Rogers. Because of the Baby Lone Star Baby Bombshell. Lauren Canan. Maid for a Magnate. World's Most Eligible Texan. Round-the-Clock Temptation. The Untameable Texan. Something about the Boss Tall, Dark And Framed?

Cathleen Galitz. The Maverick's Accidental Bride. Christine Rimmer. Karen Booth. A Bride for the Boss. The Tycoon's Secret Child. One Texas Night Snowbound with the Boss. The Bachelor Takes a Wife. Jackie Merritt. Joss Wood. Carrying a King's Child.

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Silver James. Tempted by the Wrong Twin. Rachel Bailey. Pregnant with the Rancher's Baby. Taming the Takeover Tycoon. Robyn Grady. His Lost and Found Family. Lone Star Knight. A White Wedding Christmas. Entangled With a Texan. Locked Up With a Lawman. Laura Wright. Sheri WhiteFeather.

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Catherine Mann. Cheyenne's Lady. Mindy Neff. Peggy Moreland.