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  1. 💨 Dashing Away Emoji
  2. Style; A Dashing Figure
  3. A Fierce Wind | Bestselling Author Regan Walker - Regan Walker
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This looks really great!

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Thanks for sharing! Kramze Featured By Owner Feb 2, Though I feel that they could've been done a lot better. They only look good because of a lot of shininess.

💨 Dashing Away Emoji

I always really like your style, I eventually plan on incorporating some of the techniques you use. Also, this looks even better in the svg. Damn man, nice job. Feel free to use any of the techniques I use! If you'd like I can do a tutorial for them. It'd be nice if you send me a link when you finish drawing something using them.

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PS what techniques do you mean - shading or background drawing? The way you do the background, mostly the grass is what I really like and I think it might go well with a strokeless style I have been messing with. I don't think it will quite come out like a painting like yours do though.

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This will be a while from now, I have a big project I'm working on with people so I don't have a lot of personal vector time at the moment. I'll shoot you a link of whatever I end up making for sure when the time comes though. In that case you could check out profile, she has some really awesome vectors, and it's thanks to her pictures I've started drawing nature vector backgrounds.

Style; A Dashing Figure

And, if you already haven't seen it, you could look at my tutorial [link]. This made me think of Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan. Good Job. The designer-clothing racks at Century 21 were surrounded by men looking for that edgy something at half price that wouldn't make them look like idiots. With the help of a sales clerk pulling me along from one label to the next like so many Stations of the Cross, I tracked down one impeccable suit Gaultier , three sport jackets Dries van Noten, Helmut Lang, Mossimo , trousers Versace, Costume Homme and loafers Bruno Magli.

A Fierce Wind | Bestselling Author Regan Walker - Regan Walker

The doubt and nausea didn't start up until I got to the cashier. I mean I don't even have a day job, let alone a competitive social life.

wind dashing is fun

I assured myself that after coming to my senses in my rent-stabilized apartment, I'd bring it all back. Outside, storm clouds in the new gray had begun to gather and a fierce wind started to blow. As I unlocked my bicycle, litter was whipping past me and people were running for cover. Nature, a force greater than any designer deity, was trying to put my raging materialism in perspective. As I pedaled my way uptown with my four white bags flapping like sails, I wondered if I was going to be thwarted by the wind like Odysseus on his way home to Ithaca.

For several dozen blocks I fought this deeply moral wind that came from every direction.

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I swerved. I skidded. I almost hit pedestrians as I was pulled through stoplights.